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Paid consultation – 60 minutes

Immigration Consultation: AU$370 with discount code (activated at checkout)

Service particulars: It is estimated that there will be one hour involved in providing this service. (One hour of oral consultation or one hour for preparing the written part). The service is provided via online video conference in ZOOM service.

TOTAL ESTIMATION: AU$370 with discount code (activated at checkout)

This document is not a Tax Invoice, and it is an estimate only. Actual fees and the total amount may vary.

Terms: Our payment terms are 100% of professional service fees, sundry expenses, and disbursements paid in advance for every stage.  If we pay the disbursement on your behalf, we will issue you the supplier’s receipt.  You are responsible for paying any fees and charges to international money transfers.

Quality Standards

The activities of Licensed Australian Migration Agents, licensed by MARA, are governed by Australian legislation aimed at ensuring one of the highest standards of quality in immigration services worldwide. This sets them apart from other agents operating without a license outside of Australia.

By placing an order for paid consultation, you confirm that you have familiarized yourself with the following quality standards of the provided services and agree to them:

We accept Direct deposits. Visa and MasterCard payments (subject to the payment gateway surcharge for Visa and MasterCard transactions).

Any information you wish to provide in advance of the consultation. This will allow us to study your questions in advance and will make it possible to more effectively use the time allotted for the consultation.

Upload files related to the issues you want to clarify during the consultation.

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Explanations on the indicated essential matters.

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