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UAE Opens Citizenship to Select Foreigners to Boost Economy

The United Arab Emirates joined the competition with Australia for brains and investors.
According to the Bloomberg ( and Official Tweets by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The United Arab Emirates plans to offer citizenship to a select group of foreigners, the first Gulf Arab nation to formalize a process aimed at giving expatriates a bigger stake in the economy.

The major policy shift unveiled on Saturday is aimed at attracting talent in a way that will boost growth in the UAE, home to the Middle East’s finance and travel hubs and millions of expatriate residents.

The option of obtaining UAE citizenship may be easier and more attractive than the possibility of obtaining Australian citizenship through a visa Subclass 858 (Global Talent) , or one of business visas , within the framework of the program business immigration to Australia especially in the view of the tax regime, physical proximity to the countries of the post-Soviet space, the EC and the PRC.
UAE citizenship does not allow entry to Australia without a visa. To visit Australia for tourism purposes , you need to obtain an Online Visitor e600 visa. Let’s see what Australia has to offer with its nature beauties of cities as a bonus in this race for brains and investments.


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