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Sponsor statutory declaration for partner visa

Sample form for supporting spouse visa

If you’re applying for a spouse visa to Australia, this declaration is the primary document to show that your relationship is genuine. Our example shows you how to write a statutory declaration for a partner visa.

To be successful with the visa application process and outcome, you need to show clear evidence of your commitment to each other over an extended period. In this example, you will see how to fill out the mandatory document and provide the details of any other personal circumstances which may assist the official in making a’s decision. Simply download the example and use the guidelines applying relevant details about your situation.

The example will include:

  • How to fill in personal information
  • Financial commitments showing your shared bank accounts and financial responsibilities as well as other financial commitments that you have made or are likely to make in the future
  • Household arrangements describe how and where you live or will live together, supporting your long-term relationship.
  • Social life proves your life together, such as interests, holidays, family time and other relevant information (e.g., if one partner has a child from a previous relationship).
  • Shared responsibilities describes how both partners share responsibilities for day-to-day living.
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Don’t stress about finding the right words. Use our pre-filled example to help strengthen your case.

Downloadable attachments

  1. Statutory Declaration Sponsor
    Format: pdf
    Size: 108 KB
  2. Statutory Declaration Partner
    Format: pdf
    Size: 2 MB

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