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Sample Form 80 download for personal assessment

Personal details and character assessment for providing the most pertinent information

Form 80 allows Australian immigration authorities to make an informed decision about whether they should grant an entry or permission to stay in the country. The example shows you how to fill out Form 80 correctly, with tips about the most required particulars and character assessment, to ensure a smooth application process.

For a successful application for a temporary or permanent visa, you need to meet character requirements. The key components help officials decide if they should grant you permission to stay in Australia as a partner, spouse, parent, relative or carer. In our example, we guide you through each section of the form in detail, and clarify what is needed, so you can provide accurate information. The example shows you how to fill out the form correctly and some tips on how best to complete it.

The example will include:

  • Applicant details, ID documents and milestone dates
  • Employment history with your current and previous work experience dates
  • Education and training backgrounds and records
  • Travel history with countries visited dates and purpose of your travel
  • Military service (if applicable) outlines the branch of service, rank held, dates of service and discharge
  • Family and social sections show your independents that included in the visa application, partner and close family details
  • Sponsoring employer details and contacts in Australia
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Simplify your visa application and complete it in less time with confidence!

Downloadable attachments

  1. Form 80 - Annotated Personal details and character assessment
    Format: pdf
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