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Form 1221 filled sample

How to complete Form 1221 additional personal particulars information

The main purpose of this form is collection of your personal data that should replicate and reaffirm information from the completed Form 80. With our in-depth comments in each section, this example will create a consistent profile for the process of obtaining your visa obtaining process.

One of the critical components for a successful visa application is consistency in all information you provide for IMMI Australia. Form 1221 is mandatory for a partner visa and can be revoked if you have misrepresented yourself. To assist you, we created an example on how to complete each section ensuring you match your details across other completed visa documents. Don’t underestimate the importance of this declaration and review it carefully, following our guidelines.

The example will include:

  • Your personal details including address and visa status
  • Your lifetime work experience and history of employment
  • Education and training records with completed or ongoing study
  • A description of your travels, with the countries you’ve visited, dates and purpose.
  • Military section with country served, branch of service, duration and form of duty

Tip: almost all Australian visa applications require Form 1221 to be provided for the purposes of character assessment:

  • Form 1221 is usually required together with Form 80 – Personal details and character assessment
  • It is crucial to have the same information in both forms
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Download the example form and feel confident about submitting an accurate application.

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